Our Build Process

Our Simple 4-Step Custom Golf Cart Build Process

Every custom golf cart starts with your vision. Choose from one of our new or used golf carts that we have available right here in our Richmond and Chesterfield, VA shop. You are more than welcome to bring in your old golf cart to have it customized with the numerous parts, accessories and paint options available at our location as well.

Once you’ve chosen the stock golf cart and consulted with a Kustom Karts of VA golf cart technician about all the customizations you want done, we take it back to our shop to begin the disassembly process. Here, we strip your golf cart to its bare frame.

Step 1

Disassemble Golf Cart

The transformation begins by completely disassembling the golf cart so that we can start cleaning it. We acid wash the frame by hand from top to bottom, ensuring a thorough clean throughout the entire golf cart.

Step 2

Acid Wash / Thorough Inspection

Once your custom golf cart has been completely cleaned, we do a thorough inspection of all the parts and check for any damage. At this point we replace any wiring issues, bushings, suspension problems, replace old or worn batteries and motors with brand new ones, and we begin the rebuild process.

Step 3

Golf Cart Paint / Rebuild Process

After all the hardware is installed and we reassemble your custom golf cart with all the new parts and accessories, the freshly painted body is then installed back on the frame. All the finishing touches are carefully added on your custom golf cart and you can expect a finished product in about 2-3 weeks! Our technicians are masters of their craft, masterfully customizing all the little details to your specific taste.

Step 4

Finishing Touches

If you have any questions about our custom golf cart process, what parts or accessories we have in stock, or any concerns about our custom paint and pinstriping process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information!

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