How We Build Our Karts

Care & Craftsmanship Is Part of Every Step

Every client of Kustom Karts of Virginia is one-of-a-kind and so is each and every one of our custom golf carts.

Every customization begins with the golf cart of your choice. You can select from any of the great new golf carts or used carts on display in our South Richmond-Chesterfield showroom. Or if you prefer, you’re more than welcome to bring in your current golf cart for a complete customization.

Next, you’ll consult with one of our expert golf cart technicians. Together, we’ll review the ways your cart can be customized. You’ll find that our technicians are masters of their craft – able to customize the smallest details to delight you. With our endless combinations of parts, accessories, custom seats, and paint options, we can make any cart a perfect reflection of your style and personality.

After you decide on your options, we’ll set to work transforming the original golf cart into your one-of-a-kind dream cart:

Step 1

Disassembly & Acid Wash

The transformation begins by completely disassembling your golf cart. Here, we’ll strip the cart to its bare frame so that we can clean every inch of it. We’ll acid wash the frame by hand, from top-to-bottom, ensuring that the entire golf cart is thoroughly cleaned, inside-and-out.

Step 2

Inspection, Replacement & Rebuild

After the cleaning, we’ll thoroughly inspect all the parts to check for any damage. We’ll replace old or worn motors, batteries, suspension components, wiring, bushings, and more with brand new parts. And we’ll begin rebuilding your golf cart.

Step 3

Custom Painting

While parts are being inspected and cleaned, the golf cart’s body is prepared for a custom painting and pinstriping. We’ll carefully sand and prime the body before applying the base coat. Then we’ll add two clear coats (as well as any custom graphics).

Step 4

Reassembly & Finishing Touches

We’ll reassemble your cart with its new parts and accessories, and install the freshly painted body back onto the frame. We’ll apply the finishing touches, and your beautifully-customized golf cart will be ready to transport you in style.

Our craftsmen work quickly, but carefully. You can expect our team to customize your new or used golf cart in about two to three weeks.

If you want a golf cart that perfectly captures your personality, why not take the next step? Contact Kustom Karts of Virginia today. If you have any questions about our customization process, just ask! We invite you to discover why we’re the destination for custom golf carts in Richmond, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Midlothian, and nearby.

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